What is a ghost kitchen at walmart?

The ghost kitchen service allows Walmart shoppers to select food and beverages from the menus of up to 25 national and regional restaurants and packaged consumer products and combine them in a single order. Ghost kitchens, also known as virtual kitchens or cloud kitchens, are large kitchens that are usually provided services for delivery platforms. However, this location will be available to both customers and delivery services. Search Winsight Grocery Business for Walmart customers who want a cinnamon and cinnamon roll on their trip to stock up on Saturday morning will soon be in luck.

A Walmart supercenter in Rochester, NY. The store will launch the takeaway and delivery service from Canadian ghost kitchen specialist Ghost Kitchen Brands. An agreement between Walmart and Ghost Kitchen Brands will allow the latter company to be established in at least 30 U.S. UU.

Walmart stores over the next two years, offering Walmart shoppers a variety of restaurant brands, including Cinnabon, for takeout and home delivery. Other brands showcasing at the Rochester branch include Shaquille O'Neal's Quiznos, Saladworks and Big Chicken, which debuts on the East Coast. Customers can order a combination of items for delivery or collection while shopping, either through the mobile app or through the on-site kiosks. Ghost Kitchens operates all of its locations through licensing agreements with brands.

Each kitchen has about two or three employees who receive cross-training in the different concepts, President Marc Choy said in an interview in April. Ghost Kitchens expects to finally have 800 locations in the US. It targets non-traditional, high-traffic sites in retailers and shopping malls, as well as independent stores. At some of its Walmart locations, it's replacing McDonald's.

A version of this story was previously published on Restaurant Business, a sister site of the WGB. Additional reporting by Jon Springer of the WGB. The latest from Winsight Grocery Business, delivered straight to your inbox. Listen to WGB's flagship podcast, 10 items or less, with ideas from retailers and industry professionals.

Exclusive industry information and information direct to your inbox Your go-to resource for everything related to food Winsight is a leading B2B information services company focused on the food and beverage industry, providing information and market intelligence to business leaders across all channels consumers purchase food and beverages (convenience stores, grocery retailers, restaurants and non-commercial food services) through media, events , data products, advisory services and trade fairs. Walmart is expanding its relationship with a Canadian ghost kitchen operator to the United States. We prepare well-known and comforting brands of foods in one kitchen and one place,. A ghost kitchen is the food service equivalent of a dark store: a place that prepares food for delivery without offering food service at home.

An agreement between Walmart and Ghost Kitchen Brands will allow the latter company to set up shop within at least 30 U. The brands available in the ghost kitchen of the Walmart store in Rochester include, among others, Amaya Indian, Beaver Tails, Big Chicken, Cinnabon, Costa Coffee, Dickey's Barbecue Pit, Fries of the World, Frutta Bowls, Funnel Cake, Kraft Mac %26 Cheese, Lola's Latin Food, Monster Cupcakes, Nathan's Famous, Pepe's Perogies, Quzinos, Red Bull, Saladworks, Slush Puppie, Tausi Bubble Tea, The Cheesecake Factory Bakery, Wings of New York, Wow Bao and Yogen Früz. Just head to the Ghost Kitchens counter, mix and match items from up to two dozen well-known restaurant brands, and pick up your varied banquet when you're done shopping. Now, thanks to a partnership with Ghost Kitchens, a Canadian company that allows restaurants to operate beyond their usual physical locations, some Walmart stores will offer customers a similar experience with takeaway meals.

Walmart Canada and Ghost Kitchens Brands are also currently offering a comprehensive meal pick-up and delivery service at a store in St. The duo, veterans in kitchen management who already operate Public Taco in Dallas, plan to sell food from nationally known restaurants in the new kitchen. Although the concept has existed for several years, ghost kitchens are gaining momentum during the COVID-19 pandemic, as more and more consumers are turning to online delivery of ready meals to consume at home. The retailer plans to open more Canadian ghost kitchens in two stores in Ontario and two stores in Quebec in the coming months.

In addition, these ghost kitchens will also reportedly serve as a hub for orders with online delivery through places like DoorDash, meaning that the next time you order online in Rochester, your food could technically come from a Walmart. Joon Choe and Mohammad Qasim, residents of North Texas, will run the showcase of the Canadian company Ghost Kitchen Brands at the Walmart in North Plano, Texas, reports The Dallas Morning News. . .

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